October 19, 2021
Surry Insurance

What We Do

Surry Insurance specializes in developing custom insurance programs for very specific businesses and organizations.

The insurance programs we develop are designed to meet the current and future Property and Liability needs of each client or prospect.

Instead of trying to be all things to everyone, Surry Insurance focuses on bringing Property & Liability insurance solutions to industries, businesses, educational institutions, and governmental entities that we understand extremely well.

This focused approach accomplishes many things:

  • We have specific and thorough knowledge of your business
  • We introduce you to specific companies that have a strong desire to write your business.
  • These specialty companies will offer competitive insurance premiums and coverages tailored to your business insurance needs.
  • Our success ratio is more than double the industry average.  

We don't waste your time or ours!

Some of our target programs include:

  • K-12 Public Schools
  • Public Entities - Counties and Cities
  • Community Colleges
  • Private and Public Colleges & Universities
  • Large accounts with sales of $50 million plus
  • Petroleum Marketers - Propane, Convenience Stores, and Fuel Oil
  • Franchised Restaurants - Fast Food & Casual Dining