November 29, 2021
Surry Insurance

Who We Are

Who we are at Surry Insurance

For over 80 years, Surry Insurance has consistently provided professional, innovative, and cost effective risk management and insurance services and solutions to its commercial clients. We strive to achieve and maintain long term customer relationships. Many of these relationships have continued for over 40 years.   


Surry Insurance is a professional organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the insurance industry for the benefit and well-being of its customers. With this goal in mind, Surry Insurance will:

  • provide quality insurance products
  • provide risk management in order to reduce losses
  • guaranteed one hour call back (no voicemail)
  • exhibit positive attitudes and maintain ethical and professional relationships
  • remain abreast of current events and laws that impact our clients
  • provide one second claims reporting (our system reads the claim you submit and sends it to the appropriate carrier)